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Scroby Sands Wind Farm


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Adjudicator appointed under the Contract, by the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) and other Bodies, covering a range of Civil Engineering Works including offshore wind farms, dredging and reclamation, airports, water supply, jetties, concrete, formwork, ground conditions, groundwater, sewerage, earthworks, and roads.



Conciliation work includes disputes such as those between a Contractor, Sub-Contractor and the Employer. For example, a concern over the grouting of old mine workings under artesian pressure and ground improvement measures and the installation of sewerage pipes.



Qualified Mediator with the Academy of Experts, CEDR, Middlesex and Thames Valley Mediators, Consensus Mediation, Oxfordshire Mediation Group. Mediations range from construction disputes and business relationships, through to disputes of a more personal nature.


Expert Witness

Over 40 appointments as Principal Expert Witness in a wide variety of cases and subject areas, both in the UK and Overseas, for projects which used a variety of contract forms. Evidence given in the High Court, the Technical and Construction Court, Lands Tribunal and Arbitrations, both in the UK and Overseas. Experience also includes giving Expert Advice, as well as conducting Expert Determinations, Adjudications and Conciliations.

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