Project Manager for the design and construction of a series of offshore breakwaters and the design study for the development of Khor Al Mamzar and the mathematical modelling of the complex coastal lagoon area, leading to the specification of engineering works to maintain the navigability of the lagoon inlet.

The work for the Dubai Municipality, who were the Client, included wave modelling, specification and contract documents for the breakwaters and new beaches, mathematical modelling of water circulation, quality and sediment transport, inclusion of both wave and current effects, specification and contracts for engineering measures to allow a navigable channel to be maintained and post construction monitoring.

  UAE Almamzar 


15 years of study and design for a number of coastal protection works, as well as the dredging of the accretion in Das harbour, determining the sources of the sediment and proposing options for dealing with the problem.

The work for the Client, the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company, included sediment sampling of entire nearshore zone, sediment pathway trend analysis, mathematical modelling of waves, currents and sediment transport, modelling of beach development in response to coastal structures, cost estimates of options, including various groyne layouts and revetment designs and contract documents for the flare stack area on the NW coast.


UAE Detention Dams   

Project Management of study and preliminary design for eight detention dams, detailed design for six dams and supervision of construction for five ie Guor, Zikt, Hadf, Wurayyah and Tawiyaeen. These dams were rockfill, varying in height up to 24m and in crest length up to 900m. I was also responsible for the design and construction of the 21m high concrete gravity dam at Khor Fakkan.

The work for the Client, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, included feasibility studies, site investigation, detailed design, utilisation of local materials, construction supervision, rock and alluvium foundations, diaphragm walls, foundation grouting and rock armoured spillways. The cost of the dams was some USD60 million.

The dams have been very successful in recharging the local groundwater table.

The work was carried out between 1975 and 1983.


Advised the team on the design for the 280 suite hotel marina complex at Jebel Ali, which was opened in November 1981,and Project Managed its subsequent extension. The marina can accommodate 150 ocean-going yachts and has a large 'free form' swimming pool. Its breakwater was extended in 1982.

  UAE Hotel Marinia 



Project Management of a study to establish a strategy to stabilise over 30km of developed coastline, which was eroding.

The Client was the Dubai Municipality and the work over 5 years involves coastal and hydrographic surveys, mathematical modelling, preliminary design and costings and establishing sand sources and supply.


Part of the team for the design of the new Jebel Ali port development in Dubai from 1976 to 1983. The work involved the design of one of the world�s largest construction projects, the new harbour being the focal point of a major industrial development. Responsible for the breakwater design and dredging.

The work for His Highness, the Ruler of Dubai on this USD1.3 billion development involved the design and supervision of 66 deepwater berths comprising container, dry bulk and general cargo terminals, 3.3km of breakwaters, 75 million cubic metres of dredging in weak sandstone and breccia, where in the 17km approach channel, the rock was blasted and removed by dipper dredgers.

2 years site supervision of the construction of Port Offices, warehousing, the container terminal, water towers and tanks, sewerage works and a very large casting yard.


Project Management of a study to review the condition and to outline options for restoring an eighteen kilometre stretch of undeveloped coastline, which has suffered deterioration due to extensive sand winning activities in the 1970s.

The Client was the Dubai Municipality and the work included the acquisition and process of digital satellite and aerial images, digital topographic and bathymetric mapping, geophysical surveys to identify sand sources and coral reefs, mathematical modelling, environmental and ecological surveys and costed reinstatement options.