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Maddrell R J: “Learning from Geotechnical Failures – how to Improve Design and Construction for Coastal and Offshore Structures”, Coastal and Marine Geotechnics Conference, London, June 2010

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Maddrell R J: Saltmarsh Restoration, Seminar, 1996

Maddrell R J: Valuation and the Coastal Zone, Marine Environmental Management, Review, 1996

Maddrell R J: Harbour Developments in the United Arab Emirates and their Impact on Coastal Morphology PIANC PCDC, Goa, India, 1995

Maddrell R J, Burgess K A, Deakin R and Mounsey C: Identification of Coastal Flood Areas in England and Wales for the Insurance Industry, MAFF Conference, 1995

Maddrell R J, Mounsey C and Burgess K A: Coastal Flooding; Assessing the Risk for the Insurance Industry, ICE Conference, 1995

Maddrell R J and Osmond W: Review of some 30 years Beach Replenishment Experience at Dungeness Power Station, UK, 24th ICCE Conference, Japan, 1994

Bin L and Maddrell R J: Three Dimensional Model for Wave Induced Currents, 24th ICCE Conference, Japan, 1994

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Maddrell R J : Environmental Impact of the Disposal of Channel Tunnel Spoil, IABSE Colloquium, 1991

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Maddrell R J: The Geology of Hamriyah (Sharjah, UAE) and its relationship to local and structural geology, Conference on Quaternery Sediments in the Gulf and Mesopotamian Region, Kuwait, 1987

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